Max Everling

About Max Everling

A well trained, educated and experience forex trader. 

A grauduate at Stanford University. A millionaire maker. I train people to be as good as i am. My students makes good amount of money weekly. 

I trade forex using price behavior at support and resistance dealing price levels combined with fibonacci and a few other technical tools.

And I possess the following abilities

1. Discipline—the ability to recognise when a trade is wrong and therefore minimise losses.

2. Risk control—having a strong understanding of a trade's risk/reward. You can read more about this in our risk management guide .

3. Courage—the willingness to be different from the rest of the crowd, most of the time.

4. Astuteness—judging how perceptions are shaping market trends.

I believe trading with me we be the best experience of your life.For I am the best trader you will come across. Because I take my business seriously.

I'm looking forward to working with you. Thank you

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